Little Layering Trick

I was tidying up my Gallery the other day when I found this card, and I realized, I've never talked about this easy little layering trick. Here's how I made the following card:

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View the card and see the supplies I used here, at my gallery: Party Boy.

This card might look like I used markers to color my images, but actually I used paper and scissors instead!

What I did first was I stamped a series of images on my card front. Then I stamped a second series of images on some scratch paper. I trimmed those images close to the ink and then layered each cut-out piece over top its identical image on the card front. It's a fun little trick and very easy to do! I hope you enjoy it!

Edited to Add: Opps! Yes I did already talk about this once before: Cut-Out Card. LOL!


patty van dorin said...

now that's a great idea and what a cute card.

Laura said...

That is a great idea and a great timesaver. I like the various colors on the images!

lisa said...

Awesome! I've done this before adding white snowmen to a dark blue background, but never tried it with things other than white! :-)