Last Set of Product Charts!

I've had no success advertising my trade in the SCS forums, so I thought I'd bring my post to my blog.

Last year I created a series of product charts for other demonstrators in my upline. I have one set of charts left that I would like to trade for a Customer Direct Order. Below are links to pictures of these charts that I have previously uploaded to my Gallery:

Set of Ten Demonstrator Product Charts:

Five Color Charts:
Two Classic, Craft and Petal Point Charts:
I will be happy to ship these to you FREE via Priority Mail. And I'll add a little RAK surprise, too.

These charts are a $40 value ($44.05, if you add in shipping!). If you are interested in these charts, then here is what I would like to order in return:
  • Symbols of Solicitude (107319)
  • Genuine Articles (107149)
  • Caribbean Classic ink pad (107224), Refill (107230), and Cardstock (106672)
Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing these charts from me. Thanks!

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