Say Hello to the Inkblog!

Hello, Friends!

As you know, I've been on a blogging vacation for months now. It was my intention to come back the first week in January, but I had a few setbacks. Why is that? Well, my husband has been helping me to redesign the entire look of my "rubber stamping tutorial journal!" What a guy. Oh, and we've packed our bags and moved on over to WordPress! So long, Blogger! I've got my own site now.

So, come on over and check out the new look! We're still moving in and rearranging the furniture, but I'm more than ready to jump back into talking all about my love of stamps, ink and paper, Cuttlebugs, brads and ribbons... and don't forget buttons, too! Stop by for some card-making inspiration and lots of tips, tricks and techniques.

Here's a sneak peak...


Visit the new site: The Inkblog at Inkblots.

(Don't forget to change your bookmarks. For those of you who've subscribed to FeedBlitz, I'll be working to adjust the settings behind the scenes so that you won't have to worry about anything.)