Cut-Out Card

Here's a simple trick that I think is fun. First, I'll show you the card, then I'll explain how I made it.

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Each of these stamps is solid, meaning that if I were to ink up and stamp the cake image, it would all be in one color. If I wanted to, I could color directly onto each stamp with a marker to get yellow candles and blue icing. But instead, this is what I did for this card:

For the cake image, I inked up my stamp in green. I stamped directly on to my vanilla background. Then, on a piece of vanilla scratch paper (after cleaning off my stamp, of course) I stamped the cake again in yellow. I took scissors and cut around the image until I had cut off the candles and the plate and had just a square of icing left. Then I pasted this square over the green image that was stamped on the paper. They lined up perfectally and now I had a two-toned cake! It's not the fastest method, but I think it looks great! It's lots of fun, too.

A note on the colors I used on this card. My husband's cousin came over to stamp with me one day and she pulled out this color combo from my paper bin. I would have never thought of it on my own. It's great to stamp with friends. You learn all sorts of new things.

Happy stamping!

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