Inspiration Challenge

The 2Peas message board has a daily thread for bloggers. Today's Blogger Challenge is to write about something that has been inspiring to you. Well, I've had something on my mind that qualifies.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned several other blogging stampers who inspire me. They all have a style that is different from my own. And a few have some really groovy ideas that are well outside of my comfort zone. And then there's the Freestyle Blog I just discovered yesterday, with tons of ideas in the nouveau scraping style. Lots of inspiration there.

I know I like what I'm seeing from all these places...so, if I like their style so much, why am I not stamping like that myself? Take a look at my Splitcoast Gallery...and prepare to laugh with me: Go, WebSeitler. They are all so much alike, except for that one funky Crazy Dots card!

I can see I have a few chronic problems:
  • Ribbon: I counted 14 cards that have ribbon going straight across them in some fashion.
  • Boxiness: Almost everything is a matted square. In fact, squares and rectangles abound.
  • Clean Cut: Even my most distressed cards are rather neat and clean! Hmpt.
I need to break out of my mold--I think my style is getting stale! I'm not sure how I'll do that exactly, but I'm hereby issuing myself a personal challenge: It's time to get creative. It's time to get messy! It's time to get out of this rut! It's time for something new...

How exciting!

(Stay tuned...)


Anonymous said...

Nicole, Your so funny :) Your style is so not stale!! I think most card makers feel this way, I know I do. Sometimes I'm pleased when I stray from my style (if I even have a style, my husband says I do, but I'm not so sure) but sometimes disaster strikes, LOL. It's all fun though :) Tracy

Nicole said...

It's so funny, because my husband also noticed my style about two years before I did. I only started to see it once I had all those cards uploaded to SCS at the same time. What is it? They are so perceptive. ;)

Shauna said...

Hey Nicole, I wouldn't worry so much about changing your style. Your work is beautiful. But it is good to always challenge yourself. Maybe try putting away some of your favorite tools/stamps and see what you make with different supplies.

Nicole said...

Thanks for the ideas, Shauna. I guess I just feel like I need to shake things up a little bit. :)