Bloggin' Stampers

Stampin' Blog Friends...and Why I Like Them
by Nicole Seitler

I have a little list of blog friends I like to check in on. These girls are fabulous stampers and I thought I'd take a minute to tell you all why.

Julie's Paper Truffles

Anyone who's run across Her Royal Rubberness on Splitcoaststampers will tell you that Julie is worthy of her tiara. Take a look at her latest card, for example: Experimentation. She has a way with the clean and simple style that really inspires me. I think white cardstock intimidates me or something. But her beautiful designs make me want to experiment myself.

Shauna's Rubber Ramble

Shauna has this nifty cool eclectic style that inspires me to think of designs that are more bold and vibrant. Stampin' Up!'s summery Bold Bright color assortment is my least used out of the four collections (and if you don't know what colors are in there, think "Rainbow" and you'll be able to picture it). Shauna makes me fall in love with orange and pink all over again. And her designs shake up my more traditional thoughts on layouts.

Lisa and her Blog

I think Lisa's stamping style falls somewhere in between Julie's and Shauna's. She's got a clean and simple style with a love for bold and bright colors. That, and she has a passion for pretty flowers and she shares it with lots of pretty pictures! I love taking snapshots of flowers myself.

Durcan Designs

I found Tracy's blog one day while on the SCS message boards. I love her style! When I see her cards I think "That looks like something I might have stamped, but it's different enough that it's not me at all!" So it's new and familar all at the same time--all very inspiring in a comfortable sort of way.

To Be of Use

Katie has been giving us a peek at her latest stamping project for the last few weeks and I think it's such a nifty cool way to journal. Several times I've told myself I need to pick up a stampable book and start on something like this myself. Hopefully, I would learn how to love my handwriting in the process. Ha! I love the way she's sprinkled pretty stamped flowers and butterflies throughout her pages.

So, those are my top five favorite blogs to read. What are some of yours?


Shauna said...

Oh my! Thank you so much for your kind comments. It completely made my day! :)

I think you're doing an amazing job talking about techniques on your blog. I still want to try the dotting acrylic paint on a card. I have the paint, a stylus...just need the time. :)

Anonymous said...

Nicole, your the bomb!!! I'm so glad you like to talk about stamping as much as I do :) I loved reading what you wrote about people's blogs. Your blog and all the people you mentioned always inspire me! Thank you to you and all the other folks out there who like to share their work with others. I have another blog to share (I will have to get a link) and I'm always checking out new blogs so I will definitely share them with you. Tracy

Nicole said...

Shauna, you are more than welcome! I love your stuff. :) I'm glad I made your day. ;)And thank you for the kind comments about my blog. I love making these posts. I hope other people find them helpful!

Tracy, I'd love to see that link! Please share--the more stampers we know the better, eh? ;)