Putting your Printer to Work

Here is a card that I made for my in-law's anniversary this weekend (the first card I've made in ages!):

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Feel free to view and comment here, at my gallery: Anniversary Flowers.

I don't have a stamp in my collection that says "Happy Anniversary" (and I'm getting tired of always stamping "love") so this time I put my printer to good use instead. Oh, if I only liked my handwriting...but I don't. Ha!

Because I can't stand my own handwriting, I usually type up all of my journaling for my scrapbook pages. I also make a lot of my own titles on the computer as well. There are many great websites that offer free downloadable fonts, so we have quite a collection. My two favorite sites are daFont and FontFreak.

When I faced the challenge of making yet another anniversary card without an anniversary stamp, I thought of using our printer! It seems so simple, yet I'm sure I'm not the only one who never put two and two together like this. Why is it that we miss some of the most obvious ideas? Well, at least we have each other to learn from, right?

As for the stamped image, I used a solid block stamp with the image of a flower and then embossed it with black powder. I've talked about using this sort of technique previously, so I won't go into all the details again (see: All About Embossing and Embossing with White Powder). When I had finished embossing my image, I used a watercolor brush and a few markers to add variegation to the pretty petals. A little layer of vellum and some mustard ribbon added the final touches.

I hope they like my little card. And I hope you like my little idea. Enjoy!


Erika Martin said...

I love it, Nicole! What color cardstock did you use for the actual card? Is that Blush Blossom?

Nicole said...

I used So Saffron. I usually list my "recipe" on my gallery's site. Thanks for asking that question because now I'll add a comment to my posts to include a blurb about that...

You know who inspired this card, don't you? YOU! ;) I loved the gold, ruby and mustard one you sent me.