Embossing with White Powder

Continuing on with the series on Heat Embossing, here's is a card that I made with White Embossing Powder:

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You can comment on the card and see the product info here, at my gallery: Classy Burgundy.

This image is a reverse print. That means that the area you ink up is not the flowers and leaves, but the space around them. So, when I embossed my image, the white powder melted to form the negative space, leaving the flowers, leaves and vines to be colored in. Using several markers and a small watercolor brush, I slowly filled in the bright colors to make the images pop off the paper.

Another card made with this technique can be found here: Soft Blue Flowers.

White Embossing Powder is a great basic powder to have in your toolbox. I wouldn't have thought so before I had a jar of it. I would have thought that Silver, Gold and Black were indispensable powders. But now I would say that White, Clear and Gold are the best powders to have on hand. Besides the technique I showed you above, one of my favorite things about White Embossing Powder is that it allows you to stamp a crisp image on dark paper. (See, for example, this card: Retro Red.) I find this to be something I need rather often. Nothing but White Embossing Powder will give me the intensity that I need to make my little greetings stand out. It certainly is a favorite of mine!

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