Embossing with Clear Powder

As I previously mentioned, Clear Embossing Powder is one of my most favorite and certainly my most used powders. Why is that? Because I can do so much with it! Here are my two favorite techniques:

1) Clear Powder, VersaMark and Cardstock

As you can see in the Reverse Prints card below, the Celery cardstock shows up brightly through the Clear Embossing Powder (I did bleach the inside of this image, just like I described in Embossing and Bleach).

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You can comment on the card and see the products I used here, at my gallery: Embossed and Bleached.

The thing I like best about Clear Embossing powder is that it allows you to not be limited to just one look or one color. Using it in this way makes it look like you were able to expertly apply a layer of glaze to your stamped images (using Clear powder is so much more simple than that would be!). This straightforward technique will also allow you to stamp subtle images and greetings onto the background of your cardstock.

2) Clear Powder, VersaMark and Classic Ink

Another fun technique to use with Clear powder is to color your ink before you emboss with it. First, ink up your image in VersaMark. Now tap your image into your colored ink pad once. Because it is clear, VersMark will not damage your colored ink pads! Now stamp your image onto white paper and emboss it with Clear powder. It will look like you have used colored embossing powder instead of Clear! It’s a snazzy little trick. Now you can emboss with all the ink pad colors in your collection.

Enjoy these tips! And let me know how your own stamping experiments are going. I’d love to hear from you!


Chris said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful site! This sample is beautiful. Inking the stamp on the Versamark and then the color does nothing to the colored pad?

I will have to give it a try.

Nicole said...

Well, I'm sure that it will leave a trace amount of VersaMark on your colored pad, but I don't think it would be enough to affect it. I've done this a few times, and I haven't noticed any problems with my colored pads. But, maybe if you did this often enough, you would see a build up of VersaMark on your colored pads. If you plan on doing this a lot, it would probably be best to make your own custom colored VersaMark ink pad. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I tried it and it is so cool! I think this is my new favorite embossing technique.

Nicole said...

Oh, great! :) Thanks for letting me know. I'm glad I could help.