Impression Embossing

One of the coolest tricks I know is Impression Embossing. You basically create your own wax seal out of Embossing Powder instead of wax. You have to be quick with this technique, but the results are fabulous! Here's how I made the following impression:

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There are several "high tech" ways to create this look, using a dedicated electric skillet, or purchasing Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE) but I used the most economical method: I used what I had on hand. First I took a circular stamp and inked it up with VersaMark. I sprinkled on a layer of Gold Embossing Powder. If you are quick, you can usually sprinkle more powder on to your image while it is still warm and tacky. This will help you to build up more layers without blowing all the powder away with your heat gun. Or if your embossing cools too quickly for you, then you can rub some VersaMark directly on to it to make another layer of powder stick.

I built up about five layers of Gold powder before I reached my desired thickness. I had already prepared a little bee stamp, inking it up in VersaMark to protect the image from getting anything stuck to it. The great thing about using VersaMark is that it is slow drying, so I can have my image waiting while I’m heating up my powder. I applied heat until I could see that the powder was all in liquid form and then I stamped the bee into the molten goop. This requires a little juggling, having your heat gun in one hand and your stamp in the other, but you can do it! Several layers of powder will retain their heat a little longer than a single layer would. Allow let the stamp linger for a few seconds so as to allow the image to harden before you remove it.

You can try experimenting with different inks, like StazOn. Ink your image with Black StazOn to create a darkened center--great for an antiqued look. Just make sure that your ink will dry on any surface. When I created the image below, I used Black Embossing Powder and I stamped on it with Gold Encore ink. I didn't know this before hand, but that ink was never going to dry, so I coated it with Crystal Effects (an exclusive Stampin' Up! product that creates a lacquered look) to seal it up. See how it's shinny?

Copyright Stampin' Up!® 1990-2005

In the end, I liked the look, but it wasn't what I was expecting! But every new challenge like this is not a "mistake." Like my friend of mine would say, "It’s just an opportunity for creativity!"


Travis said...

That is so cool! =D

Nicole said...

I love you, Mr. Bear... ;)

Zoanna said...

I can't see how it's shinny, but it IS shiny! :)