How easy is that?

You haven't heard from me in a while...in part due to the fact that we found out that we are expecting a baby in June! I had morning sickness at first, which allowed me to work on all the knitting I intended to accomplish in time for Christmas. Then there was the whirlwind which is known as "the Holiday Season." I've just now gotten back into the swing of things. I haven't been stamping all that often, but I will be uploading what I have recently stamped and scraped for you to see.

Here is the first little creation--and what could be simpler than this?

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You can view the card and leave a comment here, at my gallery: Little Bib.

I stamped 20 of these "little bibs" yesterday. A few of them I stamped "congrats" on. A few I stamped "joy" on. A few I left blank so I can decide what to say when I need to use one. I thought this layout would be great for my own baby thank you cards. They were so cute, I had to make some for my other friends who will soon be having baby showers, too. I have several of these raised note cards on hand and they make for such easy gifts. Not only can I make these cute and basic cards for myself, I could quickly make another 20 as a gift for a friend to use. How easy is that?! Almost too easy.


Erika Martin said...

Those little white cards are such a classic! Another cute design! You are the master!!!! :)

Nicole said...

Well, I've learned from some of the best, ya know. ;) ::hugs::