Scrapbook Templates

I recently made a scrapbook as a present for my friend's baby shower. I scanned all 20 pages, thinking others might like to see the layouts, too. There are no pictures in the album yet, but there are hopefully plenty of ideas you can find to borrow. You'll find the pages here at my gallery: Scrapbooking - 8 x 8.

I hope you find it to be inspiring! Please leave me a comment and let me know which pages are your favorites. I love to hear from people who visit my websites. It makes me want to post more for you to see! So don't be shy...


Erika Martin said...

I LOVE #8!!!!! So hard to choose, they're all great!!! I love your style, but you know that! :) I'm so glad to see you posting more! It's such a nice surprise to see your posts pop up on my friends page on LJ. :)

Nicole said...

Thanks! The vellum quote on #8 just said "brother" so I added some stickers to spell "our" since there are several kids in the family.

Glad to hear the LJ syndictaion is working!

And thanks for your compliements. :D