Orange Inspiration

I'd like to dedicate this card to Shauna and her lovely designs:

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View the card and see the supplies I used here, at my gallery: Apricot Delight.

I've been trying to break out of my mold of "same old, same old" card designs by actually stamping like my blogging friends (see my original post on the subject). I've already dedicated one card to my friend, Lisa (here, in case you missed it). Now I've made a card in honor of Miss ShaunieD.

So, I was inspired by this card of hers and I had a vague memory of it in my head as I stamped. I also see that Shauna has this same ribbon, too! I thank her and Elsie Flannigan for inspiring me to buy it in the first place. I didn't realize how much I liked orange until I saw the two of them use it.

My, this is a rather "link happy" post!

Anyway, here are the details of my design: First I stamped a few random flowers (in triangles, of course, because triangles = randomness) and added a few random sparkles. Then I added one happy little pink flower to my card front with a big fat brad. I added a funky greeting and some ribbon and POOF! Done. Quick, easy, retro and cute!

I love this card. Thanks, Shauna for the inspiration!


A Beautiful Mess said...

:) you are sweet!


Laura said...

I like this card. The colors I find soothing to counter the playful randomness of the flowers.

tracy said...

This card definitely rocks. I like how the pink flower really pops against the other flowers.