Subtle Craftiness

Choices, choices! So many little things need to be decided in the process of making a card. Take for example what sort of ink to use! Craft (pigment or paint-like ink)? Or Classic (water-based dye ink)? There's a big difference as you can see in my little test swatch:

Classic is on the left, Craft on the right.

Oh, the softness of Craft ink! How different my baby card would have looked if I had chosen the more vibrant Classic blue:

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View the card and see the supplies I used here, at my gallery: Little Baby.

In fact, you can compare this card with one that I made using this same stamp set and this same color of cardstock here: Secret of Randomness. Amazing what the slightest change can do!

Since this is a baby card, I was going for this very soft sort of look. It's hard to capture it's true beauty in a scan. It comes across looking a little too soft! But in person, it's the perfect effect. Just right for my friend's baby shower this weekend.

By the way, this card also uses the Dazzling Diamond Dust technique on the white strip of cardstock. I think it adds just the right amount of interest for the focal point of the card.

And I think this card also qualifies for the personal I've given myself to stamp more like my blogging friends. It's more simple, there's not ribbon running across it and it's more funky.

What say you?


Anonymous said...

I love this, it is perfect! Sometimes simple cards are the hardest to make "work", but you've done it for sure!

Thanks for sharing,

Jennifer said...

I love this set for a baby card. How sweet!