Baby Girl Album

As previously mentioned, I said I'd share with you the pages I was working on during National Scrapbooking Day. It was just a coincidence that I was working on this album for a friend on NSD. It was really a last minute plan that happened to fall on the same day. But I was able to pull this off in just nine hours. Whew! I actually prayed over the album because I knew I needed lots of creativity to complete this in time for the shower on Sunday--so all glory to God!

Here are the results of my work: To view the images of the baby girl album, you will first have to ignore the first 20 uploads from the previously mentioned baby boy album. The first page of the baby girl album can be found on the bottom of my gallery's Scrapbooking 8 x 8 page. The rest of the baby girl pages are on the second page of the gallery.



Tracy said...

Nicole, your friend is going to love her album! It is amazing how many pages you completed in one sitting. They are really fabulous and I'm so glad you posted them because I have so many baby pictures to scrapbook but have been uninspired in that area lately. I used to scrapbook 12x12 pages, but don't really have time for that size anymore so I stick to 6x6 and I can easily use these layouts for my 6x6 albums.

Nicole said...

I'm so glad you like it! I really had a blast making it. :)