Squiggly Wheelin'

Yet another use for Stampin' Around wheels! I can imagine one could stamp a little ladybug down their paper eight or so times and then add some cute little dots around the bugs with a pen. But why bother with all that work when I could just roll them on out with a wheel? Easy as can be! (I did, however, hand-stamp the eight little "smile" greetings. I must tell the truth!)

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You can view the card and see the supplies I used here, at my gallery: Lots of Ladybugs.

With this card, I squiggled my wheel a little as I rolled it down the cardstock. I wanted to make these ladybugs look like they were travelin' down the page, so I tried to add some twisty movement. When you try this trick for yourself, be careful that you don't create too much movement because you can actually distort your images if you move the wheel around too much. You'd make some fat and blotchy ladybugs! Just go slow and play around with some scratch paper beforehand.

It's rather impossible to tell here with this scan, but each little ladybug has a touch of Crystal Effects on her. Crystal Effects is a dimensional goop that you can apply to your stamped images. When it dries, it leaves a hard crystal coating over your image...sort of the same idea as embossing, but for wider spaces. It also will look a little wet even when it's dry. I've used it to create the illusion of water before (see this card: Crystal Vases). Lots of fun! And little things like that can make a big impression.

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