OSW: Shabby Grandmom

Here's the first card I made from my stamped One Sheet Wonder:

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View the card and see the supplies I used here, at my gallery: #1. For Grandmom.

I thought I'd use this first post to talk a little about the things I did to create my paper. I started by masking my roses so that my stamped leaves would be layered behind them. Once I had placed all my roses, leaves and flowers, I added a bit of sponging in Moss ink. Looks rather gray in my scan here, but in real life it's soft and green. Oh well! Finally, I added some scripty text to the background in Sand colored ink.

With the filigree background I stamped for this card, I thought it would be just right to give it to my husband's grandmother for her birthday. It makes me think of something sweet from the "good 'ol days."


Vanessa said...

wow. so soft! i LOVE the vintage look.

Lisa J. said...

Wow! That's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...