The Fine Art of Doodling

Something I've been meaning to try my hand at (literally) for the past few months has been the Fine Art of Doodling. But it was something that was really intimidating for me. When you’re stamping, you can be pretty darn sure whatever you stamp will look great since someone else went to all the work of designing the image for you. You just have to arrange a layout and pick some snazzy colors. But when you create something yourself... Well, you're kinda making yourself vulnerable, open to criticism you‘re bound to take more personally. Eek!

But I was brave! I wanted to see if I could succeed at something I wasn't exactly comfortable with, something I don't feel "gifted" in. I feel like I did! And as proof of that, I’ll post my favorite little card, the one I almost discarded because I thought I had messed it up!

View the card here, at my gallery: doodle: sweet flowers.

This card is small, a 3" x 3" gift card. I was testing out how my black ink pen worked on the ultra smooth paper I had on hand. When I discovered that the ink was water-fast (it didn't bleed) then the real fun began. I started to watercolor different images and got out my set of 48 markers to go crazy! I had a blast. And the results of my experiment are now for sale at my Etsy Shop.

If people like my cards, then they'll own a little piece of original artwork! I feel so accomplished. ... and kinda proud, mostly because I took on a new challenge and fulfilled a little dream of mine. I feel like a real artist now because I made something myself!

So, if you’ve been thinking about trying your hand at doodling, too--especially if, like me, you don’t think you can do it--then here’s your encouragement to step out and try it yourself!

I hope you have a blast!


TJ said...

That is really cute!

~ Tsoniki

Tracy said...

Hi Nicole!! You must be feeling more rested! You've been busy :) I love that you doodled this yourself. It looks awesome. I am so not a good doodler so I love it when I see what people come up with :)