Stupid Spammers

Isn't it sad when one person ruins the party for everyone else? A spammer found my gallery, INKblots and was making a mess of it with hundreds of comments with links to other sites. Guess they thought I didn't know where the "delete comments" button was, huh?

And they wouldn't give it a rest, either so now I've had to completely shut down the comment feature in the gallery and that makes me sad! Aren't spammers the absolute worst?! I mean, who ever clicks on that junk anyway? Who are they fooling?! Grrr...

EDIT: My dear, sweet husband changed things around for me. Now people can register with a user name on my site so if you'd like to leave comments you can!


Malnurtured Snay said...

Two two-word words.



Nicole said...

I know WordPress is rather wonderful. I hear that from my husband all the time. But I don't think they've moved into photo gallery software yet... ;) I solved the blog-spam problem a long time ago. But I never expected people to spam my private card collection! :P Silly me.