WT63 and the Great Big Mess

Yes, this is stamping related. This is a little story about Splitcoast Challenge WT63.

So...the challenge yesterday on Splitcoaststampers was to use your Stampin' Around wheels to make a card. Mine were in the closet, so off I went to get them. I opened the closet and was greeted with a very odd smell. A wet smell. I forgot all about stamping...(can you believe that?!)

I looked up to see that the tiles were wet, presumably related to our A/C. At first it looked to me like only the tiles were wet. Whew! I called my husband right away. Then I called maintenance. Then I called my husband again because a second look at the closet showed me that there was water dripping down our shelves and on to our bookcase! Oh, horror! And there was NO way little pregnant me was going to be able to move all this stuff.

I moved what I could and before I knew it, my husband was home (a pre-trial run for being in labor! He was quick!). And then, not two minutes later, there were the maintenance guys! Wow! I was impressed. They looked at the roof and found the problem: a water pan had fallen down on one side, so water was leaking out of it on to our things.

But honestly, we are so thankful for the little bit of damage we received. None of the books were harmed except for two that where laying on the top most shelf. Somehow only that shelf of the bookcase received any water on it. Thankfully, because of the low clearance between the bookcase and the closet shelf, not much fit up there. The closet shelf had had several plastic boxes that held all my pictures from my childhood, all our wedding shots that aren’t in albums, shots of my baby girl that aren’t scraped and all of our more recent photos. But everything there was also fine! Just wet and dirty on the top lid! Most things we went through ended up not being half as bad as we first imagined. We’re so thankful! There was one causality--my sewing machine was directly under the leak. I guess I’ll wait for a great sale at Jo-Ann’s someday. Good thing I wasn’t overly fond of the thing anyway. It was too fast! Made bad stitches! Rest in peace, sewing machine.

It only slightly smells weird in the closet. I don’t know how long this was going on, but it doesn’t smell like more than a one day or so. We heard the pan fall from it’s place, not knowing what the heck it was several days ago, but it hardly looks or smells like this was going on for very many days. I'm so thankful that I went in there to look for those wheels! Or else it would have gotten much worse as time went on. There were wet clothes in there too--stinky!

The maintenance men were on top of things in a flash. Not only did they come here right away, they fixed everything in a jiffy, had a supervisor up here to assess the damage and then within an hour a carpet guy came to clean and de-odorize the rug! I’ve heard so many people complain about them...I was tempted to worry when I first saw the water. And then they shock me with super-efficiency. Boy, are we thankful!

And another thing to be thankful about: I had wanted to clean out the closet anyway. Now we have to. Ha!

So that was my day yesterday. Oh, my!


Jennifer said...

I am amazed that you are able to take such a sad situation like a leak in your closet and find a way to "Look at the bright side!" I'm glad your pics didn't get ruined! P.s. I want to see the card you made with your wheel...if you ever got around to it. haha

Nicole said...

LOL! I never did get to make that card. ;)

It seems a whole lot easier to be thankful in a situation like this when you start out expecting the worse. The more we moved stuff, the less we saw any damage. It was a miracle...and we're thankful! It could have been so sad. I actually found myself thinking "There's so much clutter...I actually wouldn't have minded getting rid of this or that." LOL! ;)

All glory to God for helping me to see the bright side of things... :)

Tracy said...

Nicole, I didn't know you were pregnant!!! How wonderful :) Best wishes for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

You have a great attitude! I am glad the damage was much less severe than it could have been too!

Malnurtured Snay said...

Lemme guess -- HenWebb?

Nicole said...

Yup. HenWeb.

They've been responding so great to all of this! I'm very pleased.

Michelle said...

Great attitude on a messy situation!
Congratulations on your coming sweetheart!
Nice to see someone else in Maryland!
in Abingdon (exit 77 of of 95)
aka:heart at Splitcoast