I Love Links!

I added several new links to my sidebar today. As I was looking them over I thought to myself "This is a mess. And I'm not sure how I should list these blogs either!" So I re-organized them tonight (yes, I am nesting). They are in alphabetical order now. Check them out...there's lots of great inspiration on every one!

And if you know of a great blog that's not on my list, please leave me a comment with the link. I'd love to check it out!


Sarah said...

Boohoo! I can't see any of your links! :(

Travis said...

(The links are only on the inkblots home page -- they're not in the sidebar on individual posts.)

The only reason I know of that would explain why you can't see them is that your web browser is loading a cached version of the page. If you hold down the Shift key and click Refresh (or Reload), it should fix this.

If not, though, here's the links:

Recommended Bloggers
· Anna :: Sassy & Sweet Notes
· Asela :: Hop Art Studios
· Catherine :: Muffin Cards
· Emy :: Love 2 Stamp
· Heather :: One Little Spark
· Jen Caputo
· Jennifer :: TNstampgirl
· Julie :: Paper Truffles
· Katie :: To Be of Use
· Linda :: Soli Deo Gloria
· Lisa :: Lisa's Blog
· Lisa :: Mona Lisa Moments
· Lisa :: Poppy Paperie
· Laura :: Whirlpool of Imagination
· Michelle :: Ink Artist
· Pinefeather :: pine is here.
· Sarah :: Kindred Spirits
· Shauna :: Rubber Ramble
· Susan :: Stamping Blog
· Tina :: Stampin' & Scrappin'
· Tracy :: Durcan Designs

Nicole said...

Thanks, babe. :)

tracy said...

No baby yet??? I'm not getting a side bar either. I tried hitting the shift key and refresh but nothing:(