Scrapbook Links

Not enough hours in the day for all I want to do! Sigh.

Anyway, last week we finally entered the world of HIGH SPEED internet! Woo-hoo! Just in time, since it's hard to be a Gallery Moderator on SCS without it. I need the speed to see all the beautiful images everyone is posting. But I digress...

What I really came to talk about today is my first little foray into Digital Scrapbooking. Now that I have high speed, I can download some of the beautiful things I've been seeing around the web. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it all yet...but I've got a collection growing. So, in honor of that little milestone, I'd like to point you to two wonderful links, the first for general scrapbooking and the second specifically for digital scrapbooking:

If you are a Scrapper, and you've never heard of Two Peas in a Bucket, let me introduce you to your new love. (I ♥ them so much that I even made them a new button for my sidebar!)

The other link I'd like to point you to (the one with the BIG pretty button on my sidebar that I didn't make, but rather borrowed) is the Shabby Princess. Ah! Download all the pretty things to your hearts content. What fun!

And...when I figure all this stuff out for myself, I'll post some of my own pages. Ha!


Anonymous said...

Nicole, You must be so happy to have high speed internet!! I still have dial-up... can you feel my pain. LOL Tracy

Nicole said...

Tracy, I feel your pain! I remember what life was like a few weeks ago. ;) I'm still not used to being able to zoom around and download stuff in the blink of an eye! ;)