A Quick Word About Sage

Sage is a feed reader for Firefox that I love to use. Check it out! It can help you get organized when it comes to reading your friend's blogs. It saves me so much time...

Here's how I use it: When I visit a blog, I add the RSS feed to my Sage bookmarks. Then, when I have the time (ha ha!), I'll open the Sage sidebar and I'll check for new blog posts. My favorite feature Sage's memory. It remembers what I've read, so it will bold a blog's title when something is new and it will have those posts be bold as well. At a glance I can see when my friends have updated their blogs and what's the new post I haven't read yet.

If you haven't tried Sage, I highly suggest it. I can't navigate the blogosphere without it!

1 comment:

Tsoniki said...

I love Sage! It is my favorite blog reader. :D

And I like that you can separate into categories - I have mom blogs, crafty blogs, blogs from very close friends, etc. So if I don't have too much time I can just click a folder because I know where it is.

That's probably just me though. Organized that I am. LOL