I Love White Craft Ink

Here's some more love for Craft ink:

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View the card and see the supplies I used here, at my gallery: Blue Christmas.

Oh, I just love the sweet little snowflake effect. Too cute! I love my white ink pad. I love that it shows up on colored cardstock that's as this blue. And of course I love it for DTP effects, too. I didn't use it for that here, but lately I can't keep from distressing everything I make. It's just too much fun. I'll have to try that woodgrain effect sometime soon and write about it...(note to self).

It is crazy how fast life gets away from me these days! For example, when did Fall arrive? I missed that. I'm stuck sometime back in June! How on earth is it October?! Can you believe that it's time once again for making cards and gifts for the Holidays? Good night--I need a nap. I can't keep up. Ha!

One thing I want to work on this year: stockpiling hand-stamped presents. I always find myself in a spot where I say to myself, "How could I have forgotten something for Aunt Sally? Especially when I have all these supplies at home?!" So it's my goal this year to have a basket of things to grab when we're on our way to Aunt Sally's for her New Year's Eve party. WOuldn't that be lovely? Sounds so peaceful. Besides, if I make too many things wouldn't it be nice to have that little basket of gifts handy for the rest of the year? Yes, that's been a dream for too long. I would love to make that a reality. Care to join me?


Sarebear said...


We are rather poor this year, but I've got enough cardstock to keep me for a good long while, at least in black, white, and cream, in matte and glossy. One can always color those other colors with ink and other materials as needed.

I just discovered making little boxes for Hershey's Nuggets; now I'm going to make matching ensembles w/ 3x3 cards w/envelopes in a matching box, covered composition books, post it holders, stamped tear-off calendar holder thingies, and other stuff . . .

Cause I want to have a supply of gifts on hand, too!

Trish D said...

Doesn't it feel great to have a stash? I also find that very helpful when neighbors or my hubby's coworkers drop by unexpectedly, and I can just grab a nice little jar of candies or embellished notepad.

Kath said...

I love this card. White ink is on my wish list - maybe this weekend. Especially for winter/Christmas cards. I would love to have a stockpile of gifts. What types of things would you make and stockpile?