One Sheet Wonder

What is a "One Sheet Wonder?" Well, it's a catchy little name for fun method of making lots and lots of cards. And I'm currently in need of lots and lots of cards (September seems to be "Birthday Month" in our family).

Let me explain how it works. To create a OSW, start out with one sheet of cardstock and stamp away to your heart's content. Here's what my sheet looked like before I cut it up into pieces:

Here's a close up shot:

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You can find a few helpful OSW templates on-line (at in SCS's gallery for example). These will give you certain dimensions for different styles of cards. Or you can also just wing it, especially if you already have a few main layouts in mind. Consider it a "creative challenge" for you to figure out what you want to make with all your leftover scraps!

Over the next few days, I'll be sharing a few of my OSW favorite cards with you, so stay tuned for all the fun!


Lisa C. said...

Love this, can you give the details on which stamps and colors you used?

Nicole said...

Yes! I will be doing that when I post an actual card. I usually provide a link to my gallery where I list all the details like that. :)