Things are a little crazy at our house...

My husband was working on moving us over to a new operating system when he started to run into problem after problem. We backed up everything and burned it to some CDs before he deleted the old OS to make way for the new. Well, that didn't go as planned. Basically, a few years ago the computer got fried in a storm and some things were affected that we now need to use. While he's working on the problem, he installed some sort of geek-friendly OS so that at least I can get online to check my e-mail. But it's like I'm sitting in a house full of boxes with no furniture! I've got all my stuff, but I can't unpack it. It'd be too hard for me to figure out how to scan and post pictures right now without my familar software. Eek! So I'll be taking a break from my blog for at least a week.

Keep us in your prayers, if you would. We need to deside if now's the time for us to just forget about this computer and get a laptop instead. Heck, it might be beyond fixing anyway. We have extra income that will be coming in every month, but I don't want to be counting our chickens if you know what I mean. We'd probably need to put it a new laptop our credit cards and if you've ever lived with debt you can't get out from under, you might understand why we don't like that option. It's all very confusing. So, say a prayer for us, if you would! Thanks.

See you soon (I hope!).

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