Ribbon and Adhesives

Ribbon. Adhesives. What works best? Here's my two cents:

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I usually use Mono Adhesive on my cardstock when I make a card, but I've found that using Mono on ribbon doesn't work too well. My ribbon will fall off my card--Ugh! Thankfully, I've tested a few different products and had better results. I thought I'd share them with you.

The easiest solution I've found to the ribbon problem is a Glue Dot. Glue Dots can be ever so addictive once you try them. I've seen all sorts of sizes, but I prefer to use Mini Glue Dots. These little things are so powerful, a little goes a long way. A Mini Glue Dot is also the perfect diameter to fit on ribbon, like the gingham ribbon on my card above. And here's a tip if your Glue Dots are too large: Glue Dots come on a roll and are adhered to wax-covered paper. What I like to do is snip off a Glue Dot from my roll and then fold a layer of the wax-covered paper over it. I then snip my too large Glue Dot in half! This way, it won't stick to my scissors and now, hidden between the layers of paper, I have two smaller Glue Dots (two for the price of one--yippee!).

Another solution I've found to the ribbon problem is to use a Two-Way glue pen. This is a light-weight liquid glue that will create a strong bond if used when wet and a weaker, Post-it Note type of bond if used when allowed to dry. I find my Two-Way glue to be very helpful with thin ribbon. I will draw a line of glue on my cardstock and then quickly lay my ribbon down over top of it. Once it is dry, the ribbon is firmly in place! It also allows you to make a nice straight line. Sometimes if you only use a Glue Dot or two, your ribbon will sag a bit in the middle due to gravity. I find this happens a lot when I'm using ribbon over a long distance, like on a 12 x 12 scrapbook page. So a Two-Way glue pen can solve that problem as well!

I hope you found this information to be helpful. If you've found any other glue products to work great with ribbon, leave me a comment and let me know! I'd love to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

Pretty little Prima. I like the button, too.

Nicole said...

Thanks! By the way, that's not a real Prima...it's one of my own. I've got a little collection of flowers like these for sale on my Etsy shop: Seitler's Sweet Shoppe. Enjoy!

Lisa said...

I'm with you, nicole - Glue Dots definitely pack a lot of adhesive "punch" for something that is so small! I also love the Glue Lines when adhering ribbon - made by the same people that make the Dots. It's a sknny, continuous line of the same agressive adhesive as the glue dots, and is about 1/8th of an inch wide. Works great when you positively don't want ANY gaps between your ribbon and cardstock. ;)

Beautiful card, BTW! :)

Nicole said...

Thanks for the info, Lisa! I've been tempted by those glue lines. I'll have to pick up a pack next time they are on sale. I love sales! ;)

Vanessa said...

beautiful! I especially love the colors.

Thanks for always inspiring me!

Nicole said...

Thanks, Vanessa. That sort of comment just makes my day! :D

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the tips on the glue dots. I have never tried them. I too was struggling with how to adhere ribbon and then i tried my friends xyron. Boy, did that work like a charm that i had to run out and purchase one myself. They are $20 but with a 50% coupon at AC Moore i got mine for $10.

Jennifer said...

I tried the glue dots on ribbon and it worked GREAT! Ilike it even better than sticky strip because the dots are WAY easier. Thanks for the tip.

Nicole said...

I'm happy everyone likes the tip! I'll have to try a Xyron someday. This is the second recommendation I've received today! ;)

SnapHappyInkyMomma said...

Hi, Nicole -- it's Leslie -- we met at the MD stamp event a couple of years ago!

Anyway, I thought I'd let you know what I use for ribbon. I run it through the Xyron sticker maker -- works like a charm. I usually feed several pieces through at a time, otherwise it's kinda wasteful, but I like how it allows me to put the ribbon on so straight and it sticks really nicely!

LOVE your blog, by the way!

Nicole said...

Hey, Leslie! Hard to believe it's already been "A few years." I was just thinking about the get-together last night. :)

Thanks for your comment. Several people have suggested the Xyron and I'm just dying to try it now! ;)