Double Resist

Today I participated in my first "Splitcoastamper's Challenge." There is a forum on the SCS message board where every day a new sort of stamper's challenge is issued (See Splitcoast Challenges for more info).

Today's "Try a New Technique" challenge was a double resist: combining a Versamark Resist with an Emboss Resist. Here's how I made the following card:

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View the card and see the supplies I used here, at my gallery: Double Resist.

And here's how you can recreate this look. First, you start with a...

Emboss Resist: Stamp on sheet of Glossy paper with VersaMark ink. Sprinkle some clear embossing powder over your stamped images and heat with an embossing gun. Your embossed images will resist any ink you apply to your cardstock. But we aren't to that point yet. Next you need to do a...

VersaMark Resist: Stamp with VersaMark on your Glossy paper. The VersaMark will resist ink that is applied to it all on it's own. But if you layer enough ink on top of your images, they will start to absorb some color and you'll have a nice, soft look. Allow the images to dry (this might take several minutes). I let mine sit about a half-hour while I did other things.

Now, using a sponge or a brayer, apply Classic ink all over your paper. The VersaMark-ed images will resist the ink and leave a faint image. The embossed images will resist the ink as well and leave a bright white image. You may need to use a paper towel or baby wipe to get any excess ink off of your embossed images. I used three colors to create the card above Rose, Orchid and Saffron.

An important point to remember is that you must stamp all the images you want to emboss first. Otherwise, if you try to stamp your VersaMark resist images and then the images you want to emboss, you will get embossing powder on all your images. That would be a big mess!

When playing around with this technique, I found that at first I was applying my ink too lightly so all of my flowers were white! I had to keep playing with my card until I got the concept: there should be flowers in the background and flowers in the foreground. So I added layer upon layer of ink and now I'm quite pleased with the result.

I hope you enjoy this idea, too!


Erika Martin said...

OH MY GOSH! I LOVE IT!!!!! I'm gonna use that one at my downline meeting tomorrow night!!!!! I SO wish you could be there for it!


Nicole said...

Oh, that's wonderful! Play with the idea first (and use a brayer if you have one because I think it will take you less time to demo it that way).

I think this card is rather "you."

Erika Martin said...

I think the card is rather "me," too! I LOVE the colors, I LOVE the stamp set and I LOVE the look! It's very batik-ish and tie-dyeish. I LOVE IT!!! It caught my eye right away! I'm thinking of using that set (I SO wish it had made it into the big catalog! WAH!) and trying to figure out a way to do something like that technique to a t-shirt.

I'm going to use sponges at the downline meeting. Did you use daubers with it? (I really need to invest in more of those.) I'm actually having the girls do this as their make & take. Perhaps that's biting off more than we all should chew, but I just love it so much!

And I hate that blogspot doesn't have a "reply to comment" feature like LJ does. ;)

Nicole said...

Yes, that's the one hang up I have about Blogger... :P At least I can get e-mail notification. ;)

At first I started off with sponge dabbers. I placed Rose, Saffron and Orchid very carefully around the card. And I thought "This looks like crud." So I added more and more ink. The VM images still stayed rather white. So then I draged the Rose ink pad over the cardstock. I messed around with it a little more (draged the Saffron and Orchid, too) and then it finally looked finished. That's why I'd highly recommend using a brayer to demo this. I think all said it took me four hours to complete this card. Of course, I was checking e-mail, doing dishes, and cooking dinner, too...but the time I spent on the card was still A LOT! You've got to give the VM time to dry on the CS, too. :P Maybe bring your stamped white CS and tell everyone "First I embossed, then I stamped in VM." Then do the ink part.

Petal Prints would work great, too. Flowers in white, petals in VM...

I hope you guys have a blast! I wish I could come, too.

Nicole said...

ps. I have those new color Stampin' Spots and those would work great for demo-ing direct-to-paper with this idea. That's how I intend to create my new card. I was dreaming about it last night...sad, I know...

Alison said...

I love this! I'm going to try it and show it at an upcoming club meeting. Thanks so much for sharing and for the fabulous directions.