Floored Pearl Ex

One of the neatest techniques I have ever tried has got to be using Future Floor Wax and Pearl Ex powders. Lots of people are interested in just how you can accomplish this stained glass look--the good news is that it is insanely easy once you have gathered all your supplies.

Basically, what you will be doing is watercoloring with floor wax instead of water (see my previous post for tips on how to watercolor).

When I tried this technique, I used an AquaPainter brush, which holds the fluid in a reservoir in the handle of the brush. But you can just as easily use a paint brush and an empty film canister to watercolor with floor wax. It is important that you purchase Future Floor Wax. I don’t know the scientific reasons why, I just know that is the one you want. And you will need your favorite colors of Pearl Ex powders as well.

Here is a lovely card, designed by a friend, that I made using this technique:

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You can view and comment on the card here, at my gallery: In Full Bloom.

Of course, a scan of this card cannot compare to the beauty of seeing it sparkle in person. This little card gets so many compliments when my friends see it in my sample basket.

Here's how you can do it: If you like, you can start by embossing your image, like I did here for the pink flower using black embossing powder. I would have liked to have used black embossing powder for each flower and leaf, but I was using multiple stamps and masking--in short it would have been a nightmare. As you can see, you can still use this technique without embossing your images and have beautiful results.

I started off using one color of Pearl Ex and I dipped my AquaPainter brush into some powder--just enough to cover the tip. If you are not using something as fancy as an AquaPainter, then dip your brush into your container of floor wax and then into your powder. I would also recommend using a paper plate as a palate so that you don’t ruin your jar of powder by getting floor wax in it!

After picking up a clump of Pearl Ex, I slowly began to paint the powder and floor wax directly onto my image. When I was done with one color, I cleaned out my brush (with an AquaPainter, you simply scribble on a piece of scrap paper until it runs clear), and began to use the next color on my list. Repeat until you are satisfied with your watercoloring. The wax will dry rather quickly, within a minute or so.

One of the reasons why I love this technique so much is that it seals the Pearl Ex to your project. Otherwise, when you use Pearl Ex by itself, it was a tendency to come off the paper and get on your fingers--ugh. I think this is an easy and beautiful solution to that little headache.

I hope you enjoy playing with this technique! And as always, ask me if you have any questions.

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